About Night Is Day

“Night is Day” is a new exciting superhero film from Scotland. Written and directed by Fraser Coull of Silly Wee Films and produced by Gavin Orr and Lindsay Dowell of Goldray Productions. The film is co-produced by Andrew Dougall of fk One Productions with support from Simon Ferguson and Gregg Houston of Artist Media Ltd.

Jason Mackenzie is a rumour, a myth, nothing more; at least that's what the police want you to believe. Until you dig deeper into the underworld of a thriving city in the heart of Scotland. Jason was a normal twenty-something Glaswegian until his life took a mysterious turn as supernatural powers were bestowed on him, granting him the ability to see into the future of anybody he touches as well as the ability to charge lightning in his body to fight crime. He hides in the shadows and protects us in secret.

Superintendent Charles Sloan has formed a special team, the F-division, to keep news and rumours of monsters and demons from reaching the press and the Prime Minister. He knows first-hand of Jason’s abilities and the truth of the whispered tales. His team is made up of just two, Detective Inspector Iain Mullan, a rough and ready cop with his heart in the right place, and Inspector Rebecca Munro. At the age of just 21 Rebecca has been promoted into the F-division after her ability to handle a “supernatural incident” by herself.

Now a new danger threatens the city: The Caillech, an ancient creature in Scottish mythology, known for wielding magical powers and is believed to have formed the landscape of Scotland, has been freed from years of imprisonment in limbo seeks revenge. Teamed with Jason’s former adversary, Mr. Philips, a corrupt businessman who seeks nothing but power and control, The Caillech threatens to wipe out the world in just three days.

Jason must find the power within and focus all of his powers on discovering the Caillech’s true intentions and defeating her while ensuring the safety of Sloan and his team, who are determined to play a part in helping Jason. And he must find out the connection between Lena, a young medical student from the Highlands who is attacked by the Caillech’s foot soldiers, the ferocious Scavenger Demons.

“Night is Day” was filmed on location in Glasgow and Falkirk with the support of Glasgow City Council and the Caledonian Club House in Falkirk. The film has been self-funded with the support of members of the public with donations to the film and support from various organisations that provided us with locations.

Filming began in June 2010 and was completed by the end of August 2010. The film is currently in post-production and we plan to screen the film in the Autumn for fans, press and distributors. We will be taking the movie to the American Film Market in November to seek distribution overseas.

“Night is Day” stars Chris Summers, John Gaffney, Steven McEwan, Kirsty Anderson, Catriona Joss, Tam Toye, Mark Harvey, Clare Sheppard, Elaine C Smith, Simon Weir, Nicki Fleming, Colin McCredie, Tiger Tim Stevens MBE, Alexandra Mackenzie, Karen Bartke, and Vharri Lavery.

Featuring a full score from composer Philip Martin and tracks from Travis, A Band Called Quinn, Echofela and Man at the Window.