Sponsorship - Sponsor the Night is Day Movie!

“Night is Day” was shot on a relatively small budget compared to Hollywood films, however thanks to creative budgeting, a hard working cast and crew working for the passion of the movie and support from members of the public, we managed to shoot the film in 3 months.

The film has now entered the post-production stage where our hard working team are now adding all of the special effects, sound production and composing the score - yet we are still in need of support from you. Once the film is complete and ready, we will need to take the film to various festivals around the world, hold screenings in the UK for distributors and promote the film.

If you would like to get involved with the film there are many ways you can be a part of it. You can sponsor a character from the movie, donate money and buy merchandise from the movie.

We still have 8 characters from our movie for you to sponsor and each character costs a minimum of £50. You are welcome to offer more for each character if you’re feeling generous.

When you sponsor any of our characters below you’ll receive:

* A signed certificate of sponsorship from the director
* Updates on the film’s progress
* A copy of the film on DVD once it’s complete
* A signed “Night is Day” postcard
* Your name (or a name of your choice, such as a loved one) on the website
* A credit on the end titles of the film
* A link to your website if applicable
Later in the year we will be holding screenings in the UK to promote the movie and we will be entering all of our sponsors into a raffle to win 2 free tickets to the event where you will meet the cast and crew! Please e-mail contact@sillyweefilms.com to discuss sponsoring any of our characters listed below:

Superintendent Charles Sloan:
The veteran cop who is in charge of the supernatural task force, The F-Division

Mr. Philips:
The corrupt businessman who wants to be in control, but does his deceased wife have anything to do with his plans?

Uncle Alex:
Jason’s wise uncle who finds Jason after a number of years. Alex will do whatever it takes to keep Jason on the right path.

CS Carlisle:
Sloan’s boss, and his long-term friend, Carlisle doesn’t believe in monsters and demons. He likes to keep the press on the side of the police and isn’t afraid to put Sloan in his place.

Jason’s friend who has the power to heal herself and anybody she touches. She and Jason used to fight crime together in the past.

The Young Party Girl:
Jason saves the young party girl from an evil attacker at the start of the film.

To sponsor a character, use the Paypal link below to donate safely and securely by card. If you wish to sponsor a character but pay by cash, cheque or postal order, please contact us.